The 5 Best Guitars for Gigging and Performers – Acoustic & Electric

top rated guitars for performing gigs

Musical instruments are a kind of investment. If you are purchasing good quality, technologically advanced, and supreme product, you need not worry much about its shelf life. Taking care of it would help in good maintenance of the instrument. In this post, we have discussed some of the most popular and best guitars for gigging. We have divided the list into two categories:

  1. Acoustic guitars
  2. Electric guitars

We will be sharing acoustic guitar and electric guitar that you can use while performing or presenting a gig. The list would cover all the important details of the product with its features, pros, and cons.

Image Product Features Price
Martin D-10E Road Series Martin D-10E Road Series

Soft and bright sound

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Taylor 114e Acoustic-Electric Guitar Taylor 114e Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Best for beginners

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Guild D-260CE Deluxe Dreadnought Guild D-260CE Deluxe Dreadnought

Best for stage performance

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PRS Guitar ST24TS SE PRS Guitar ST24TS SE

Best Electric guitar for gigs

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Epiphone Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar Epiphone Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar

Durable and sturdy

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Best Acoustic Guitars For Gigging

Here are some of the top-rated acoustic guitars that you can buy for your gigs.

1. Martin D-10E Road Series Acoustic-Electric Guitar

martin guitar for performanceMartin 10-E road series is a new musical instrument in the acoustic guitar market. The top of the guitar is made up of Sitka spruce with a Sapele side and back. The Martin 10-E has a fingerboard design in a mother-of-pearl pattern with a multi Stripe rosette.

It has Fishman electronic technology which helps in better running from the onboard sound tuner. This tuner automatically mutters the output and gives you the authority to tune the sound any time without using the paddle. The look and design of the model are simple yet elegant.

Martin D-10E guitar has a gloss finish, which adds to its beauty. It has enclosed the best tuners for fine sound tuning. The scale length is 25.4 inches and there is a 17.5 inches Corian nut. On the upside, it comes with a Richlite bridge with plastic bridge pins, that offers a string spacing of 2.16 inches.

The pickguard is made up of a faux tortoise. This guitar can be played in different styles from delicate flatpicking to strong strumming. Overall the output of the guitar is a soft and bright sound, which makes it a pleasant instrument. 

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2. Taylor 114e Acoustic-Electric Guitar

best guitars for gigsThe next best Acoustic guitar for gigging on the list is the Taylor 114e Acoustic-electric guitar. Although this guitar is a bit expensive out of all the guitars discussed in this article today, it is worth every single penny.

The guitar is made up of Natural Sitka spruce which enhances the quality of output. The neck of the guitar is made up of maple, which makes it comfortable and easy to use.

Taylor 114e can be used by anyone, even if they are beginners or advanced guitar professionals. This is a universal product for every guitar player. It comes with a layered tonewood, which helps in achieving a fine warm tuning. The guitar produces a balanced and warm tone that’s just perfect if you want a guitar to sing along with.

On the advanced side, the TUSQ nut and Micarta saddle used in the manufacturing of this guitar ensure that the tuning is nice and buzz-free. Taylor 114e uses ES2c technology for amplified sound performances. Intonation is completely managed by the Die-cast Chrome plated tuners

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3. Guild D-260CE Deluxe Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar

acoustic guitar for giggingThe Guild D-260CE Deluxe Acoustic-electric guitar is one of the most recommended products on this list. It uses the Fishman Sonitone technology to control volume and tunes. The sixers and back of the guitar are made up of shiny ebony wood, which makes it more classic and elegant. The top of the guitar is of solid spruce.

This guitar has a very commendable bass range. The woods used in the manufacturing of this acoustic guitar helps in a high and midrange sound output. One can achieve amplified sound with the tuners available. If you’re a guitarist who performs in a band, this guitar is very comfortable and easy to use while you’re on stage.

The tonewood material of the guitar enhances the resonance and helps in creating a wide variety of sounds and tones. The Nubone nut in the guitar maintains the clarity of the output sounds. It gives a vibe of 1960’s cabaret performers. Best suitable for performances in an auditorium or large concert halls. 

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Best Electric Guitars For Performers

Electric guitars are widely used by professionals who perform a lot using their guitar. This is because of the capabilities and features of these guitars. They are lightweight and can do a lot more than acoustic guitars. Here’s a list of the best electric guitars that you should buy for your next gig.

1. Paul Reed Smith Guitars ST24TS SE Standard 24 Electric Guitar

electric guitar prsOne of the best seller products in the category of electric guitars is the Paul Reed Smith electric guitar. This is an electric guitar, which comes with several advanced features that make it perfect for experts and experienced guitar players. The back and neck are made up of Mahogany wood. The body and material are made up of maple. Rosewood has been used for the Fretboard.

Paul Reed guitar has a Tremolo bridge system. It comes in a Tobacco sunburst color. It has 6 strings and the total weight is 12.67 pounds. Paul Reed Smith guitars are SE 24 certified, which describes their premium quality.

SE 24 standard guitars are highly reliable and are mostly used by professional concert performers add these are rock solid and sturdy. Because of the durability and high-quality build of this guitar, you won’t be facing any problem if you’re into the tapping guitar playstyle.

The guitar has PRS S2 locking tuners for enhanced resonance. The PRS HFS and Vintage bass give quality and strong sound. The best part is the classic design, which makes it unique and gives a premium look. It has a scale length of 25. 

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2. Epiphone Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar

epiphone gig guitar electricThe Epiphone Les Paul Standard electric guitar is manufactured by one of the leading guitar manufacturing brands, Epiphone. This guitar is available in ebony color. The whole body and neck are made up of Mahogany wood which is considered premium quality wood.

Due to the mahogany body, this guitar has very good resonance. The bridge system of the guitar is Tune-o-Matic. It is best for right-handed people. The guitar weighs around 10 pounds.

The neck of this Epiphone guitar is similar to the 1960’s slim taper D profile neck. The string changing is easier for the stop bar tailpiece. Epiphone electric guitar gives the sound like Gibson Les Paul.

The design and look of the guitar feel like a classic era musical instrument. It has Grover machine heads. The Alnico Classic Humbucker helps in giving a warm output and clean sound

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Buying An Ideal Guitar for Your Next Gig

So that was our take on the best guitars for gigging. We discussed all the important details about some best acoustic and electric guitars available in the market.

Choosing the right guitar for yourself is a thoughtful decision. It is a kind of investment. If you purchase good quality and durable guitar, you need not worry about your instrument anymore. Always look for the wood used in the manufacturing of a guitar.

High-quality tonewood enhances the performance and quality of the output sound. Understand the technology being used and purchase the one that is best suitable for your work. Choose the guitar according to your requirements and budget. Also, make sure that it is comfortable while you’re working.

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