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Welcome to String Success!

Hi there, I’m Thomas and I’m a guitar enthusiast who’s been into guitars for quite a long time.

My first guitar was the Kadence Acoustica Series Zebrawood Guitar. It was a semi-acoustic guitar and as a beginner, I was too excited to start my musical journey with it. I started with some online lessons, got my basics covered, and that was a huge achievement for me at that time.

kadence acoustica

But there were some complications that I faced while learning to play. And I believe everyone bumps into them every once in a while.

And now that I finally know how to overcome them, I started String Success to share everything that I’ve learned along the way, in order to assist others who are as helpless as I was once.

About String Success

String Success is about me solving guitar-related issues that most people face when they start learning.

I will also be sharing recommendations occasionally so that anyone who’s confused while buying a guitar and its accessories, can have a legit source to trust upon.

My mission on this site is to help everyone improve their experience with guitars so that they can acknowledge what a beautiful thing it is, and to accompany others while they gain success over those strings.

How I Publish Content

The content that I publish is well-structured and I, personally have given a lot of attention to the architecture of this website.

The majority of the time I’m the one who writes the posts for you. I do tend to hire freelance writers that write for me sometimes. But, I assure you that those writers have notable experience with guitars, and everything that’s added on this website gets a final personal touch from me.

I only review products that I’ve personally tested. There’s a music shop near me and I frequently visit it to check for new and upcoming products.

I refrain from publishing individual reviews of products that I have not tested with my own hands.

However, sometimes when I can’t get my hands on the products that I include in my top recommendations, I have to rely on existing online reviews to help you.

If you are a new visitor and loved my story, don’t forget to visit the webpage specially made for you.

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In addition to this website, we are also on several different platforms where we share guitar tips, tricks, and other useful information. Don’t forget to follow us if you like our content.

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