8 Best Guitars for Arthritic Hands In 2024

Best Guitars for the Arthritic Hands

As the adult guitarist gets older their bodies tend to become less supportive and the things they could perform easily in their twenties and thirties become a more difficult task to perform, particularly if you’re suffering from arthritis diseases. If there is an old-age person in your neighborhood and is affected by arthritis in his fingers but still has a desire to learn to play the guitar, what you can do?

Luckily, there is no proof to indicate that playing guitar generates arthritis or even makes things worse. Sometimes playing guitars can relieve the pain caused by arthritis. In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the finest guitars which are suitable for arthritic hands and older players so that you can easily enjoy the guitar without worrying about the pain in your fingers due to arthritis.

Best Guitars for the Arthritic Hands

1. Washburn Vintage Series R314KK Acoustic Guitar

 The width of the neck part of this acoustic guitar is 1.89 inches. The sound of this guitar is very melodious and this guitar can also be used for bonfire meetings and pleasure trips with your family members and friends. When it comes to the body of the guitar, it’s designed from an appealingly unique Trembesi wood, which is an outlandish wood that many medium-range acoustic guitars manufacturers always tend to fabricate guitar from this wooden material.

The Washburn R314KK is a part of the Vintage range that reanimates and resembles some of the prominent Washburn musical instruments that were built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The Washburn R314KK has a rigid spruce top and is built with the Trembesi Tonewood for its back and sides; which is a blend that provides it a distinctive texture that instantly attracts the attention of its users.

2. Seagull Coastline S6 Folk Cedar Guitar 

 The top part of the guitar is composed of rigid Cedar Wood and the backside is furnished with Yellow Birch Wood along with its neck which is made up of Silver Leaf Maple and has a delicate finish on the guitar. This guitar is ideally suited for country music, acoustic pop, and rhythm and blues (R&B) genre instead of the old-time country-rock genre. The construction design of the Seagull Coastline S6 stands out from another acoustic guitar in different ways.

Concerning its appearance and attractive design of the Seagull Coastline S6, the guitar players always prefer simplicity and a natural finish. Most importantly, all these materials and parts in these guitars are high-grade parts that join together to generate a distinctive tone. The neck part on the Seagull Coastline S6 is a bit thicker than you usually discover on a steel-string acoustic guitar. The Seagull Coastline S6 is an outstanding versatile acoustic guitar for average to skilled guitarists.

3. Seagull S6 Original QI Guitar

 A ferocious or dreadnought guitar that comes with a bit of everything as far as tone is concerned, this musical instrument is in the same price range as all the guitars discussed above in this list. The width of the neck on this dreadnought guitar is around 1.8 inches. It is composed of a rigid Cedar Top, a Rusty Cherry Back, a Creek or Silver Leaf Maple Neck along with a semi-gloss finishing on the guitar.

This guitar is suitable for any music style that an acoustic steel-string guitar can be utilized for. It won’t be the finest musical instrument to be utilized for classical melody, but it can bear its own there as well. Seagull picks to interchange the body shape of the guitar to a funky look, making it more absolute for live performance and recordings. Many people have appreciated the fact that it is ideally suited for an acoustic solo musical performance.

4. Seagull Artist Mosaic Acoustic Guitar

 The Seagull Artist Mosaic has a Cedar Top which is handpicked and pressure tested to ensure that all the materials of the guitar are of the highest grade. The Artist Range of Seagull is a premium series of guitars, so there should be a proper focus on its build quality. The Cedar Top of the guitar has a cheerful sound with great clarity but is perhaps slightly warmer than Spruce Top (Which is the most commonly used wood in the acoustic guitar).

It is often utilized on classical guitars but runs gracefully on this Steel-String musical instrument and I believe that it is the blend of Cedar Top with Mahogany in the back and sides that gives this guitar a new look. The Seagull Artist Mosaic’s neck is also composed of Mahogany wood, which is an impressive wooden material for the neck part of this guitar. The fingerboard of this guitar is prepared from Rosewood.

5. Seagull Coastline Momentum HG Acoustic-Electric Guitar 

If you’re considering a guitar that people have to pause and hear to it, then this is the perfect choice for you as it can easily grab the attention of the people due to its nice and cheerful tone. Just like the Seagull Coastline S6, the Coastline Momentum is constructed from a coated Yellow Birch or Wild Cherry back, Solid Cedar top along with a Silver Leaf Maple neck and a Rosewood Fretboard.

The luster on the guitar is very fine so that resonance and sustain are unaltered, giving the guitar an elegant look that visually raises it in contrast to Seagull Coastline S6 from which this guitar is inspired. The production quality of the guitar is breathtakingly ranging from the inner bracing to the latticework or fretwork and factory set-up. The Seagull Coastline Momentum is a perfect choice of guitar for those guitarists who are considering a high-sheen guitar that looks as good as it sounds.

6. Takamine EF740FS Acoustic-Electric Guitar 

The “FS” in the model number of this guitar means “Fingerstyle”, i.e. this guitar is one of the finest acoustic-electric guitars for those guitar lovers who love fingerstyle guitar. The top side of the guitar is baked in extreme heat, which is proclaimed to generate a stiffer weight-to-strength ratio due to its lighter and stronger wooden material. The heat-processed Spruce Sounding Board adjoins that classic vibe to the warm and rich finish of the mahogany wooden surface.

This Takamine acoustic guitar is a well-built with high-grade materials and astonishing sound quality. In simple words, it’s like a steel-string guitar that has the essence of the classical guitar also. This guitar has a great throaty sound because of its Solid Sapele back and sides along with a 12-fret Neck Joint. This guitar is appropriate for all types of guitar players and also for all kinds of music genres.

7. Yamaha C40II Classical Guitar

Classical guitars are very convenient to play, and they have broad necks surfaces that are easily accessible. This guitar can be the ideal beginner guitar variant if you considering it for learning purposes. To be honest, those steel strings can be hard on your fingers in the beginning. This classical guitar is composed of Spruce and Rosewood material and has a distinctive classical guitar tone. The Yamaha C-Series is formulated as an introductory guitar for fresh beginners.

The Yamaha C40II is a top-notch guitar among full-scale classical guitars formulated with a scale and dense body for comfort. The Yamaha C40II is a more reliable replication of its former variant and a perfect companion to carry around whether it is for travel, bonfire, or some other purposes. Nylon strings are more convenient on your fingertips than Steel Strings, so starters will thoroughly enjoy strumming and thrumming for the first time.

8. Cordoba C4-CE Iberia Classical Acoustic-Electric Guitar

The Iberia Series of Cordoba provides a broad range of cheap Nylon-String variants, particularly focused on the younger guitar players and musicians searching for a cheap but reliable backup option. The Cordoba C4-CE is an extremely inexpensive Nylon-String acoustic-electric guitar. It is composed of a blend of Mahogany and Canadian Red Cedar, which was particularly handpicked to give the Cordoba C4-CE a vibrant presence and a very classy tone.

Like all other Cordoba guitars, the C4-CE features an extraordinary Pickup System to make sure that the guitarists and musicians can enjoy a clear and vivid tone. The low-cost price of this guitar makes it a lot cheaper for beginners, even though experienced musicians and guitar players will also respect the power and sound quality of this Cordoba C4-CE acoustic-electric guitar. The neck part of the guitar is built from a hard piece of mahogany wood.


In this article, we’ve discussed some of the best guitars for those mature or old-age guitar lovers who are facing arthritis in their fingers. These guitars, mentioned in the list above, are completely appropriate for your hands even you’re facing arthritis. Their small neck parts and lightweight characteristics make these guitars more attractive and convenient for all of you. This guitar’s list is arranged by considering several factors like Price, Material used in the Guitar, Weight, etc. which are essential for all the guitar players. Hope you’ll like this article and will help you to choose your suitable guitar as per your preference. Also make sure to buy a strong dreadnought guitar case to keep your guitar safe and secure from everything.

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