The 4 Best Guitar Amplifiers For A Recording Studio

guitar amplifiers for recording studio

Choosing an Amplifier for a recording studio is one of the most complicated decisions for anyone. A good guitar can sound average if you use a bad amp. On the other hand, even a bad guitar can sound incredible through great amps. Amplifiers are responsible for tones that you play on your electric guitar.

Everyone has their own playing style and different amps will respond differently to each playing style. You have to be familiar with your guitar playing styles before buying any amplifier.

In this article, we are going to mention some of the best guitar amplifiers that you can use in a recording studio. These amplifiers will be suitable for any playing style.

Image Product Features Price
Yamaha THR30II Wireless Yamaha THR30II Wireless

Best Amp for a studio

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Mesa Boogie Tube Head Mesa Boogie Tube Head

Best build quality

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Blackstar Silverline Deluxe Blackstar Silverline Deluxe

Value for money amp

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Positive Grid Spark Amp Positive Grid Spark Amp

Best for low price

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Types of Guitar Amps

First of all, you have to come up with a budget because the guitar amplifier comes in varying price segments ranging from high-powered to wireless guitar amps. However, if you are going to buy a studio amplifier then make sure to make your budget as higher as you can afford it.

Before buying a guitar amp for your studio, you have to know about the types of guitar amps available in the market. Guitar amps are divided into three categories:

  1. Tube or Valve amps
  2. Solid State Amps
  3. Modeling amps

Tube or Valve amps are the most selling amps compared to other categories. Why? Because they sound incredibly good and are the most reliable amps out there. Adding a high-quality reverb amplifier to your studio will be helpful in the long run as well.

1. Yamaha THR30II Wireless Amp

amp for recording studio

The Yamaha THR30II wireless amp is a new variety of all-in-one amp. Gone are the days when you had to use cables to connect amps with your guitar pickups. The Yamaha THR30II comes with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and a built-in battery merge with onboard effects that fulfill all the needs at any time. On top of that, the onboard effects and a built-in audio interface are totally an icing on the cake.

The THR30II is pretty cheaper compared to many other traditional amps that do much less. All thanks to its wireless technology, the cables are now a thing of the past. It can be used with any instrument; you just need to plug a small aftermarket dongle (G10T Transmitter) and turn on your battery-powered THR30II.

The THRII comes in three varieties – 30 watts, 10 watts, and 10 watts wireless. Both the THR30 II and THR10 Wireless come with a built-in battery that allows you to carry and play it with you anywhere.

For recording, it also got a USB output. You just need to plug it straight into a laptop and start recording. With its Bluetooth feature, you can also use it with your smartphones. On top of that, you can use it with your guitar amp and with a smartphone simultaneously.

Yamaha’s THR30II Battery lasts about five hours at a medium volume which is more than enough to complete your recording session. So if you’re searching for a small guitar amp for recording, then this amp will perfect for you.

2. Mesa Boogie Tube Head

mesa boogie studio amplifier

Mesa amps are known for their rich tone and that’s why the Mesa Boogie Mark V 25 is one of the best studio guitar amplifiers in the music industry. The amp is incredibly loud when you run through a 4 x 12 speaker cabinet. You can do a small venue without using any external speakers with this amplifier.

The clean channel provides a clean sound and you can hear the guitar sound without any cluttering. If you’re using a low output passive pickup, then this amp will be the best choice for you as it will give you a harmonic and rich sound experience.

It is a one-piece amp that comes with both the amplifier and the speakers in a single box. Although it’s a 25w amp you can switch it down to 10W which makes a decent amp for practicing at home.

It has all the important controls such as Bass, Treble, Mid, Presence, Gain, etc. along with a dedicated five-band equalizer that allows you to easily adjust the audio as per your requirement. Apart from this the body is very well built and can easily handle minor accidents without any issues.

3. Blackstar Silverline Deluxe Combo Amp

best amps for recording

The Blackstar Silverline Deluxe is one of the finest made amps in the market. It’s a 100-watt Digital Combo Guitar Amplifier that comes with all the important controls on the upside of the amp so that you can get a cleaner look on the front.

One thing we like the most about this amp is its streamlined controls. Gain, EQ, Level, FX, etc. all the important functions are assigned with their own dedicated knob. It has Six amp voicings that can be changed with the spin of the knob.

Thanks to the Blackstar’s patented Infinite Shape Feature (ISF), you will get a massive variety of tube tones. Blackstar is packed with a 12-inch Celestion V-Type speaker that gives you a balanced and classy sound all the time.

On the other hand, it also has a USB connection option that allows you to control recording and preset management directly from the amp.

4. Positive Grid Spark Guitar Amplifier

positive grid amplifier

The Positive grid spark amplifier is a powerhouse if you are building a home studio. It is combined with the 40-watt combo that provides amazing sound quality. It also generates authentic bass and drums that make the sound much stronger. The spark guitar amplifier is a virtual amplifier which has access to 10,000+ amp and FX presets on ToneCloud.

The amp provides realistic virtual tube amps for Acoustic or Bass sounds powered by PositiveGrid. Thanks to the Sparks smart app, you can import your favorite music from all the famous music streaming apps such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

As for the controls, it comes with bass, mid, and treble tone stack controls, handy mod, delay, etc. One thing we like the most about the amp is that you can control all the tones and controls of the amp using your smartphone. Overall it’s a wonderful piece of gear that you can buy at a fair price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What watt amp is best for recording?

At least 20 watts amp will be best to get a decent clean level. However, a 5-watt tube amp is enough for recording.

Q: Are smaller amps better for recording?

Yes, smaller amps are better for recording. They can give a better sounding gain in lower levels. Smaller amps are also budget-friendly and are easy to swap in and out of a tight corner.

Q: What volume should I record guitars at?

According to Premier Guitar, it is proven to record signals to digital between -18 to -14 dB range on the meter.

Buying a Recording Amp for Your Studio

We talked about the the types of amps and found some of the best guitar amplifiers for setting a recording studio. For those who have a low budget, the Positive Grid Spark Amp will be a good fit for your needs. You can also control the amplifier from your smartphone using the Sparks smart app.

If you want to buy the best amplifier that one can buy for their studio, go for Yamaha THR30II. For a durable amplifier with amazing build quality, the Mesa Boogie Mark V stands out from the crowd. The Blackstar Silver Deluxe is also a steal-deal with its value-for-money performance.

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