The 5 Best Guitar Amps for Classic Rock Guitarists

top rated guitar amplifier for classic rock

Amplifiers play a big role in bringing out and shaping your guitar’s original sound. They are just as important as your guitar most of the time, and sometimes a little less important than the original build of the guitar.

A perfect guitar amp for classic rock is not easy to find. There are too many choices available in the market today. For over a decade, some manufacturers and brands have proven that they know how to build excellent and reliable equipment with an awesome tone. These are the brands and manufacturers you need to trust when you decide where you want to buy a new amp for classic rock music.

Image Product Features Price
Marshall JCM800 Guitar Amp Head Marshall JCM800 Guitar Amp Head

Best amplifier for classic rock

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Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb Combo Amp Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb Combo Amp

Best reverb amp for rock

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Fender Blues Junior LTD Combo Amp Fender Blues Junior LTD Combo Amp

Best amp for low budget

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Quilter Labs Micropro Mach 2 Quilter Labs Micropro Mach 2

Best portal guitar amp

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Fender Super Champ X2 Combo Fender Super Champ X2 Combo

Best Tube amp for rock

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Best Guitar Amplifiers for Classic Rock

Here’s a list of the best amplifiers that you can buy if you love playing classic rock riffs on your guitar.

1. Marshall JCM800 Guitar Amp Head

marshall amp for rock

The Marshall JCM800 has earned a respected place in the list of guitar amplifiers. Launched in 1980, the amplifier features a single channel master volume control, which allows much more saturated sound. The JCM800 was one of the first amps with a master volume, before that players had to crank their amps to the higher volume to get the desired sound.

This JCM800 features three preamp tubes and 4 power amp tubes. This amp has a simple controlled layout with individual controls for different operations like presence, bass, treble, master volume, and pre-amp volume.

The amp sounds like a pure rock and roll amplifier. If you want an amp that you can use for jazz alongside rock, then you might be a bit disappointed but it’s a beast for rock music. Talking about the features, it has no reverbs and no effects loop, and just one single channel.

If you are planning to use it in small venues like a room or a small club party, you might need a power soak or a decent overdrive pedal. It will coax the best tones from the amp. The dynamic range of the JCM800 is impressive and the tonal emphasis is in the upper-middle range which also adds the classic metal crunch in the sound of JCM800. The amp might lack some features, but it adds up many extras when it comes to tone, which levels everything.

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2. Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb Combo Amp

fender classic rock amp

The Fender 65 Deluxe Amplifier is one of the most recognizable amps. This guitar accessory has played a key role in the best albums of rock history. It features an unparalleled amount of headroom that caught the eyes of many famous artists. One of the key features is the tilt-black legs which are unique to this amplifier.

As the name suggests, the amp comes with two twelve-inch speakers, which makes it ideal for a wide tonal response. The Fender 65 Twin Reverb also includes reverb and vibrato which makes it a good choice if you’re looking for a guitar amp with reverb. Fender reverb is the standard set for all other reverbs, as other reverbs are measured at this point.

The sound of this amplifier can never be overstated truly. It is truly a professional sound amplifier. Essentially this amp is great for any kind of music except the genres which require an intense amount of distortion. However, you can create distortion using a dirt pedal or booster with the amp.

This reverb amp also includes classic tube-driven reverb and tremolo by fender, which gives the amp some additional versatility. This Fender 65 Deluxe reverb is a true workhorse and a classic amp.

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3. Fender Blues Junior LTD Combo Amp

rock guitar amp by fender

If you gig frequently, then you will notice that one of the most used amps that you see on the venue has been the Fender Blues Junior. Artists love this amp because of the small size and it’s easy to manage volume. And the single speaker it has can be mixed very fast.

Guitarists and musicians love this amplifier for its compact portable abilities and the single-channel front end it has. This can be used for luscious cleans which works excellent with pedals and can be turned up for a spongy overdrive.

The Blues junior has always been famous for its simplicity. While this amplifier might not have many features or settings to excel in some high setups, but it excels in delivering a truly vintage tone. And all this at an affordable price so you do not have to increase your budget for buying a nice amp while gigging.

The EL84 tubes in the amp bring out the fat mid-tones and the 12AX7 offers warm overdrive and lush. The Blues JR control panel includes volume, treble, bass, master, reverb, and middle with a 0.25 inches input jack, a power switch, and a fast switch.

With the blue Junior’s 15-watt power section, it has enough power there to use it in both stage and studio. If you want, you can use an external speaker with the amplifier as well. Its classic looks and vintage sound make an excellent combo; the Fender Blues Junior LTD Combo Amp is a perfect build for classic rock guitarists.

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4. Quilter Labs Micropro Mach 2 Combo Amp

quinter labs guitar amp

Quilter Labs is best known for the use of D amplifier technology in their products. There are no common transistor or vacuum tube amps that we are discussing here, this is a very different technology. The same tech is used in the Quilter Labs Micropro Mach 2 Combo Amp.

The very first to notice about this Mach 2 amp is its small size and lightweight about 27lbs. These features make it a very compact, portable, and easy-to-use amplifier. Don’t underestimate Micropro Mach 2 as a practice amp, as it is boosted with all the features that you would like in a full-sized amp for stage performances. It includes 6 amp voices, reverb, EQ controls, 5 types of gain boosts, a speaker output extension, optional footswitch, and much more.

Fusing the latest technologies with the analog tone, Quilter Labs has designed the amp with ultimate portability and power, which is giving a hard competition to the best amps available in the market. This amp can be combined with its matching extension power, or the user can use their own as per their convenience.

The Mach 2 delivers a powerful and rich tone which is perfect for rock music with stunning harmonics and dynamics. This amplifier is the ultimate choice when you need something with excellent features and power in a very small size.

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5. Fender Super Champ X2 Combo

fender super champ amp

It is well known that most of the vintage and legendary classic rock amps are tend to be tube-driven. And also that most of the tube amplifiers can burn a hole in your pocket. But this was the case a few years back, and now it is just the opposite.

Coming down at a price that fits within your budget, the Fender Super Champ X2 combo is solid proof that you do not need to increase the size of your pocket or break the bank to get a quality amp for your guitar. The Super Champ X2 features a rich, dual-channel tube amp tone with several other extra features like versatile amp voicing and a waste range of digital effects. The amplifier is simple, tuneful, and flexible.

In its heart is a 15-watt tube amplifier, with a 12AX7 and 2 6V6 tubes that power a 10 inches large speaker. But it is the overdrive channel that makes this amp special, which is equipped with a voicing knob and digital effects. The voice knob has 16 voice choices, and you can choose any of them. The digital effects feature 15 different and essential effects including reverb and delay.

While the amp has limited hardware, you can connect this amp to any computer via USB, and can edit the voicing and effects through the amp’s FUSE software. With an excellent tone, affordable price, and versatile features, the Super Champ X2 Combo is a perfect choice for rock guitarists.

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Rock On With Your New Guitar Amplifier!

We discussed the five best amp for classic rock guitar players. You can choose any of these as per your needs, but remember that there are many other things than just an amp in rock. If you have a strict budget and want something affordable and reliable, the Fender Blues JR amplifier would be a great choice.

For those who want a great amplifier that doesn’t compromise with the performance and quality, then the Fender Deluxe Reverb will be a great pick as well.

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