The 6 Best Cheap Guitar Pickups 2022| Inexpensive Humbucker Review


If Tonewood is the essence of any guitar, then the Guitar Pickups are its brains and voices. You don’t require a new guitar to enormously enhance your tone quality; selecting the appropriate and cheap Guitar Pickup for your guitar is the most effective means to improve your guitar’s tone. In this article, we’re going to discuss the finest guitar pickups that are presently available on the marketplace. We’ll analyze each product in this list and then inspect it through several factors like specifications, design, price range, efficiency, etc.

There are multiple factors you might keep a sharp lookout for this device. If you’ve never purchased this device before, then you might be confused with the technical terminology that manufacturers use when they’re marketing their products like guitar pickups. You may also find it hard to understand which guitar pickup product is most suitable for your requirements. We’ll clarify everything in simple words in this article, as well as provide you with all the important information you’ll require to make a reasonable purchase.

There are many guitar pickups available under $50 budget but if you’re looking for really cheap and inexpensive guitar pickups then you are at the right place. We’ve provided guitar players a wide range of guitar pickup products in this article.

Best Cheap Guitar Pickups In 2022

1. Seymour Duncan SSL1 Single Coil Pickup

The Seymour Duncan SSL1 is an actual replication of the authentic Alnico 5 Strat Pickup, and it exactly sounds the same as the Alnico 5 Strat Pickup. These were the type of Single Coil Guitar Pickups you place in the Strats with Maple Fingerboards. This guitar pickup has used the same sort of magnet wire, as well as the same quantity of coil windings or winders. The hand-ground Alnico 5 magnetic wire and moderate coil windings give a bright and strong tone quality with classic output. The Seymour Duncan SSL-1 pickups are handcrafted in Santa Barbara, California.

It is perfect for the guitarists who require precise conventional single-coil tone, particularly with clean and blandly distorted guitar amp settings. It operates exceptionally well with fretboards made up of rosewood material. Through this guitar pickup, you can play multiple music genres like Country, Pop, Rhythm & Blues (R&B), Folk Rock, etc. The Seymour Duncan SSL-1 guitar pickup provides you everything you require for a classic Strut tone quality. These classic-style Single-Coil Guitar Pickups let you capture the fine and classic sound of the 1950s and 1960s.

2. Seymour Duncan SHR-1 Hot Rails Neck Pickup 

The Seymour Duncan SHR-1 Hot Rails Guitar Pickups can be a perfect choice for all rock guitarists. The Seymour Duncan Hot Rails Neck variant utilizes a robust Ferrite Magnet or Ceramic Magnet and overwound coils to give a larger, well-adjusted Humbucker Tones for heavy metal tone. It can easily operate well with guitars having fretboards made up of maple and rosewood material. This specific variant is calibrated or fine-tuned to operate in the neck position, which is renowned for its warm tones that can operate for various musical genres, from Jazz to Blues to Heavy Metal.

It comprises two thin blades, robust Ceramic Magnets, and strong Coil Windings provide you the incredibly stable and rough, full sound that is essential for playing Heavy rock music on your guitar. This guitar pickup is well-proportioned with a Humbucker as a Combo Setup. The Seymour Duncan SHR-1 can fit well in any Stratocaster-styled Guitar. You can place this guitar pickup in the middle position and with a pickup converter in the neck position too and also provide excellent outcomes in the form of high-quality tone.

3. Fender Original ’57/’62 Strat Pickups

This Fender Original ‘57/’62 Stratocaster Guitar Pickups was reverse-engineered from a genuine 1963 Strat, so they offer an extraordinarily real classic sound quality, essence, and vibe. This package of Original ‘Strat’ Guitar Pickups provides consumers the classic tone of the 1963 Strut. The Formvar-glazed magnet wire provides a bright and clear tone quality. The former variant of the guitar pickups was covered with simple enamel-glazed coil wire, while the current model of the Fender pickups utilizes Formvar-coated Magnet Wire. Alnico 5 magnets supply remarkable focus and dynamics to the guitar pickups.

These specific guitar pickups utilize five distinctive magnets to assure that your guitar audio has a balanced tone. We like this because they provide a pretty good and gentle original Classic Start Tone. These guitar pickups deliver a broad range of tons that are well-adjusted with the guitar. They also contain “aged-white” plastic covers, which provide an extra antique vibe to counterpart their sound quality. These guitar pickups are well-adjusted and precise (even with a lot of gains) and provide the authentic Strat tone which is appreciated by all the guitarists. Not only is the Fender Original ‘57/’62 Strat Guitar Pickups is equipped with three different premium guitar pickups, but it also contains a one-year warranty.

4. Seymour Duncan SH-8 Invader Pickup

The Seymour Duncan’s Invader is an ultra-high-output Humbucker that is designed for aggressive playing styles. This guitar pickup is formulated for the hardest or heaviest tones a Passive Pickup can generate. The broad Magnetic Field pumps power into your guitar amplifier with distinctive brightness and a completely new tone. The Seymour Duncan SH-8 Invader’s power comes exclusively from the amalgamation of the overwound coils, three huge Ceramic Magnets, and its remarkable enormous Metal Oxide Pole Pieces.

These distinctive Pole Pieces enlarge the overall magnetic field and broaden the frequency spectrum, which is why every tone played through this Inwader’s pickup sounds so rich and gigantic. The Ceramic Magnets add depth and accuracy while the huge Hex Caps provide smooth string-to-string balance. This guitar pickup is suitable for this type of music genre like Punk, Metal, Rock, and other heavy rock music styles. The Seymour Duncan Invader’s SH-6 is accessible for both neck and bridge positions in the guitar, but it is most frequently used in the bridge position. The design and build quality of these guitar pickups and broad Magnetic Fields make it one of the strongest Humbucker Guitar Pickups.

5. Seymour Duncan Jazz Electric Guitar Pickup

It is a perfect fit for all those music lovers who like to play different music genres like Jazz, Blues, Funk, Classic Rock, etc. The Seymour Duncan’s Jazz variant is an extremely multilateral Humbucker that can operate for nearly any music genre or style. This guitar pickup is well-suited for those guitar players who require a precise and clear tone for rapid Jazz Runs. The Seymour Duncan’s Jazz was formulated to supply a clear neck pickup tone by rolling off some low mids of a PAF-style pickup.

The Seymour Duncan’s Jazz Model operates well in harmonious and warm musical instruments and particularly, the tone quality of the guitar pickup is flourished with guitar having mahogany bodies and Rosewood Fretboards. This multi-purpose guitar pickup also operates wonderfully with Hollow and Semi-hollow Guitar’s body. Some of its consumers illustrate the guitar pickup as it is a little bit compressed and sometimes, due to its elaborative design it makes inexpensive guitars appear to be more expensive and costly. This guitar pickup delivers an effective and precise tone quality to the guitar. The brighter tone has a little bit less output and is a fine match with most bridge pickups.

6. EMG H4 Passive Electric Guitar Humbucker Pickup

The EMG H4 Passive Electric Guitar Humbucker Pickup provides you some of the hottest tones you’ll discover in a passive structure. These tonal characteristics are attained by utilizing overwound coils stuffed with Ceramic Bar Magnets that are completely protected to detract noise level. This high-output Guitar Pickup is oftentimes used in bridge positions where it radiates with excellent range, responsiveness, and sweet melodies of the guitar. It has become the stock pickup utilized by many of the top-rated guitars and bass manufacturers due to its authentic quality provided by this guitar pickup.

The Pre-wired volume and tone controls of the guitar pickup permit you to shape your sound. EMG is a pioneer when it comes to the best guitar pickups for music genres like Hard Rock and Metal. This guitar pickup variant utilizes effective, over-wound coils that are made with the usage of Ceramic Bar Magnets. This variant should also consider as a top-selling guitar pickup as it provides guitarists with sweet melodies, Sensitive Finger Response, and an outstanding diverse range for the music genres. Therefore, it can be the perfect choice for a heavy modern guitar sound.


Now you should be in a proper position to select your guitar pickup from this article list as per your preference. You just have to concentrate on the quality of the tone producing from the guitar pickup and this factor is one of the main important points to be considered while choosing your best guitar pickups. If you choose any of the products from the above list, then we can ensure you that you won’t be feeling regret after reading this article as you’ll analyze which guitar pickup will be suitable for you?

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