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Oh, so you have finally arrived. Welcome to the site. If you don’t know me, my name’s Thomas and I’ll be your guide on this beautiful journey.

It doesn’t matter if you have already bought a guitar or not, there’s something for everyone on this website. String Success is the place where I talk about Guitars- that’s it. Everything is about guitars here. My main motive is to share every bit of knowledge related to guitars, and to help you in getting success over the strings.

For those who are a beginner, we will also be fighting with some of the basic problems that most of the people face when they start learning guitar. And what I want you to do is, sit back and relax, as you will get everything you need on your guitar journey – here on this website.

How I Can Help You

Buying a guitar for the first time is one of the best feelings on earth. When I got mine, I was too excited to open up the package, that I didn’t even notice other things around me.

But, when I started learning how to play the guitar, I was dumbstruck by the complexity of it. I faced a lot of issues like sore fingers- and that’s just one problem to speak of.

Here, at String Success, I’ve decided to help others with these problems so that they can easily overcome them, without losing their interest in guitars.

As the guitar is too broad of a topic to write about, I’ve divided this website into 5 sections.

  • Guitars – Everything generally related to guitars will be included in this category.
  • Acoustic Guitars – Acoustic guitars are great, just like this section of the website. Informational guides, recommendations, and reviews related to Acoustic guitars will be included here.
  • Electric Guitars – The cool brother of Acoustic – the Electric Guitar. For those who own an electric guitar, this place is the one where you can hang out.
  • Guitar Accessories – If you are a fan of capos, amps, pedals, and other accessories, then make sure that you check out this category.
  • Guitar Care– I truly believe that guitar care is as important as the guitar itself. This section is completely dedicated to guitar maintenance and how you can ensure that your guitar accompanies you for your entire life.

What We Don't Do Here

Apart from what we do on this website, there are some things that we refrain from.

Firstly, we are not someone who publishes biased reviews as a part of some sponsorship deal. Everything on this website is of top-quality and is personally passed through me for the Green Check.

As many other guitar websites cover this topic – String Success is not at all about Music and how to produce it. Our primary focus is on guitars and what to do with them.

Occasionally, I will write about topics that cover music in general, but the main crux of the website is Guitars.

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