5 Best Takamine Acoustic Guitar In 2024

best takamine acoustic guitars

Are you also tired of the strings that attach you to your monotonous job? Do you also find guitar strings more attractive than the corporate ladder? Not sure where to start? If the answer to the above questions is yes, then you’re in the right place because we’ve got your back in your journey to mindful escape.

With humble beginnings in 1959 as a small home-based, family-run shop nestled at the heel of Mount Takamine, the modern Takamine company birthed its fine craftmanship with complete devotion. Being one of the most successful guitar makers in the world it has won the heart of the music industry with its phenomenal creations. Let’s have look at our 2022 recommendation list of acoustic guitars.

Best Takamine Acoustic Guitar

1. Takamine GN93CE-NAT Nex

This mid-level guitar is a great blend of tonewood quality, aesthetics, and functionality. On the physical front, it has a sleek black and curvaceous body style with a solid spruce top that gives a prime feel. Also, the GD93CE uses a laminate combination of maple/walnut for its sides along with three-piece black walnut/maple back. Of course with an acoustic guitar, you must be keen to know what it’s saying right? Let us tell you that it is well-suited for players who are looking out on guitar with good performance as it ensures great playability with its mahogany neck and 12″-radius bound laurel fingerboard.

For versatility, it’s equipped with a TK-40D onboard system that may not give you the best sounding system but surely a flexible experience with good controls. Its TK-40D system comprises an EQ bypass option, a notch filter, and a built-in tuner. It is believed to be just one tier lower than the famous Taylor and Martin choices. Anyone can select this guitar as its multipurpose functionality lets players use it as a performance model as well. Last but not least it makes the whole process of being a guitarist a lot easier with its premium features of gold die-cast tuners, laurel headcap, etc. Wondering how well will this serve you? Let’s see by simply weighing the pros and the cons.

 2. Takamine P3NY

If you’re a die-hard indie or folk aficionado then Takamine P3NY aka New Yorker, Parlor must suit you the best. The model is perfect for fingerpicking and strumming. Its cedar top and Sapele back and sides ensure that your ears are blessed with pleasing overtones and crispy clear sounds that you desire. Other notable features include a CT4B II pre-amplification system with 3-band EQ, in-built tuners, and volume. These features permit effective tonal adjustments sans troubles.

Moreover, if you’re looking to regain that old-world charm to your guitar preferences then Takamine P3NY will surely be your perfect companion with its dark puffing and dot inlays. Don’t be fooled with its small size because it can handle many volumes with a pathetic and reduce muddiness. It’s a guitar packaged with a plethora of benefits which are mentioned above.

3. Takamine gj72ce

The Takamine gj72ce is a commanding acoustic guitar that is ruling the music industry with its jumbo style and stunning cosmetic features. On the physical aspect, it features a solid spruce top and maple sides and back. You’d get all that you expect from a jumbo guitar to offer. First of all, you’d enjoy the robust sound effects and excellent volume controls. Secondly, its slim mahogany neck ensures great playability and versatility. Thirdly, the Takamine onboard 40 preamp system provides you with the best built-in tuner and mid-color switch.

For general-purpose, it’s a good performance electro. Its price of attracts musicians worldwide. Last but not least it’s perfect for those seeking to experiment with new things as it can sail through any storm thrown at it due to its massive size and surpassing features.

4. Jasmine S34C

Jasmine S34C is one of the best budget-friendly acoustic guitars that one can purchase without issues. Having a grand orchestra layout this model has a universal design which makes it ideal for fingerpicking. Its Venetian-style cutaway assures higher frets to the users. On the other hand, it’s not only suitable for professionals but also for beginners who have little to no knowledge about guitars. An added advantage that captures our attention is its neat ability to hit clearer and sharp tones without any disruptions. All in all, it is a masterpiece with stunning sound quality and an unbelievable price.

5. Jasmine S35

The Jasmine S35 is specially designed to be the first choice of people starting their journey in the music world. With a common dreadnought-sized body cherished by bluegrass and country players, this model offers great projections and natural volumes to its users. Are you crazy about strumming and playing bar codes? If yes, then you’d to excited to know that Jasmine S35 is equipped with 20 frets and Pearloid dot inlays on its 12 inches radius fretboard.

The neck is made up of Nato which is very similar to Mahagony in respect of tonal properties that people refer it as “Eastern Mahagony” sometimes. Coming to the tuners, the chrome machine head tuners do good in keeping guitar strings in tune. On the other hand, the black tuners avoid the formation of debris or dirt. In a nutshell, Jasmine S35 produces a well-balanced tone from treble to bass. It’s quite interesting to find value and quality rolled into one package that this guitar surely does.


In recent years the choices of acoustic guitars have grown exponentially larger. Many new companies have added their innovative creations to the consumer market. So, to simplify the selection process for you we recommended some best options out there from the ocean of acoustic guitars. But, it’s important to understand that the best choice may vary according to individual priorities! So, which are you going to use for polishing your guitar skills?

Happy hunting!

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