Best Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars Under $500 In 2024

Best Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars Under $500

Your perfectly optimized content If you are a leftie and a guitar freak, then it must be difficult for you to find a right guitar for your left hand. It is well known that playing a righty guitar with left hands is not easy. On an electric guitar, it becomes more difficult as you need to restring the guitar and so the body will poke into your body and will make you uncomfortable. And when it comes to an acoustic guitar then it becomes much harder. That’s the reason you need to buy a separate guitar for a left-handed person.

When it comes to choosing the best guitar, it becomes trickier as there are thousands of options available in the market. And when you have a tight pocket with a budget of less or about $500, there are not too many good options. And that is where our role comes into play. In this article, we will be guiding you on your path to buy a Left-handed acoustic guitar for under $500 with our list of the 5 best guitars that we have shortlisted for you.


Best Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar Under $500

1. Martin LX1EL Guitar

Martin LX1 Little Martin Solid Sitka Spruce

This Martin LX1EL is one of the best left-handed acoustic guitars available for left-handed players in the market. This Martin LX1EL little martin Left Handed Electro-acoustic guitar is an electric guitar that has acoustic capabilities, as the name says it all. That also means that this guitar has an external port to connect this to an amp. On the upside, this martin LX1EL has a composite design as the back and sides are made of mahogany and the top is made using Sitka spruce. This combination also makes it worthy for the name Martin in it. It has all the deep, rich, and warmth while being a lightweight instrument, which makes it worthy for at least one chance.

The neck in this guitar contains strata bound with a fingerboard from a rich life. This LX1EL has got as many as 20 jumbo frets and chrome tuners. The guitar also has a set of isy T pickups. The best thing about this guitar is its versatility of choice, because of which the user can switch to acoustic from electric mode in a moment. This makes it an ideal choice as a guitar.

The ability to hook this guitar to an amp will let you get its tone perfect in a small-spaced venue. The guitar comes with a bag to ensure protection and safety during travel. If you are a player who does not like to play it using an amp then unplug it, the unplugged tone is also excellent. It may be a bit costlier than other options, but it is worth your time and money.

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2. Rogue RG 624

Rogue RG-624 Left-Handed Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural

If that previously discussed Martin LX1EL was a bit costly for you, then don’t worry, we have got you covered there. How about this much affordable Rogue RG-624 Left-handed dreadnought Acoustic guitar. This left-handed acoustic guitar will be costing you only $90, which is way too affordable for anyone. The best thing that you will hear about this guitar is its sound which is said to be equal to or better than what you will hear in generally most expensive guitars.

The guitar has familiar spruce and finishes with mahogany with a rosewood fretboard on the body. The sound of this guitar is much better or equal to some expensive guitars. This makes it a value-for-money guitar which is good for those who do not have a lot of experience with guitars. The guitar tends to lose its tone quite easily and might need to re-tune this guitar while playing in an hour session very often.

It is also not the best quality guitar as there can be some construction issues, but at this price, it is the best that you can get. However, as a beginner, this can be a perfect guitar to start learning with.

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3. Fender CD-60S

Fender CD-60S Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

One of the most popular Fender products in the market, the CD-60S is an excellent solid left-handed acoustic guitar for a leftie player. The guitar has got mesmerizing sound and classic looks, and all this is in your budget.

In this guitar, you will get a Venetian cutaway which helps in making it simple to get to the upper frets. It also has a rolled fingerboard which helps in adding some smooth playing to this guitar. The tone of this big-bodied guitar is superb as you will be expecting, so sometimes expectations are good, LOL. This guitar is a combo of both acoustic and electric guitar, which is good for people who like versatility in playing guitars.

You can play it as an acoustic guitar whenever you want and just a second moment you can plug it up and convert it into a complete electric guitar. All the credit goes to the clever scalloped x-braces in the body of the guitar. The looks of this guitar might not be right with everyone’s taste and preferences. The entire body of this guitar is covered by finishing in dark brown mahogany with an almost striped vertical grin.

On the fretboard, the guitar has got standard dot inlays and a plain pickguard of black color. This guitar is really an old-school one, but still has quite good popularity among people. You do not get a Fender guitar under $500 very often, so if you like this guitar then go for it.

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4. Fender CC 60S

Fender CC-60D is a very compact and comfortable left-handed acoustic guitar. The small concert-friendly body of this guitar is easy to maneuver in any guitar playing position. And it is excellent in fingerpicking with an articulated voice.  It has got a tuneful solid spruce top and an easy-to-play neck. The mahogany-finished back and sides make this Fender CC-60S a great choice for concerts or public locations like house parties, clubs, coffeehouses, or beaches.

This guitar has got concert body style, a solid spruce top that includes scalloped X bracing. The guitar comes in a natural and 3-color sunburst finish. With its rolled fingerboard edges, the guitar’s neck gives you an unmatched comfortable fret-hand feeling, which in terms is considered ideal for both beginner-level players and pro guitar players.

Alongside its staggering vibe, a unique combination of back and sides by mahogany tends to deliver a balanced tone with an excellent midrange and volume. The bridge is constructed using mahogany rosewood and the hardware is having chromium finishing. The guitar has got chrome-die cast tuning machines as well. This fender CC 60S comes in the dimensions of 6.10×17.90×44.00 IN.

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5. Sawtooth ST-LH-ADN

Sawtooth ST-LH-ADN Acoustic Guitar

A low-cost guitar is bought because you want to get something as much for as little as possible. Meaning that you want to buy it, but do not want to spend too much of your hard-earned money so that you don’t have to regret it in the future. And we get that, so what if we tell you that it is possible in only a hundred dollars or so. The Sawtooth ST-LH-ADN guitar is a part of the Sawtooth’s St series and one of the cheapest left-handed acoustic guitars available in the market.

The first thing to notice in this guitar is the dreadnaught shape. The dreadnaught is widely used in most acoustic guitars, no matter what is the price.  It offers a lot of power and bass response to the instrument, making it a favorite among both manufacturers and players. Although it makes the guitar a bit bulky it is adjustable. The top of this guitar is made of using Spruce wood. The back and sides using Mahogany are also a great thing.

The laminate nature of this guitar does not allow the mahogany features to show up, but it maintains the guitar sturdy and ready to take punishments when needed. The neck in this guitar is made of mahogany too. It has an excellent arrangement of toonwood’s as compared to its price. The fretboard is made of smooth rosewood and the bridge is constructed using sturdy rosewood as well, which adds up a little more bass in the already existing bass. The nut and saddle are made of synthetic plastic which increases the lifespan of this guitar greatly.

The sound of this great guitar is pleasant you will be able to produce a powerful sound, all because of the dreadnaught body projection of this instrument. Overall, this guitar is one of the best options that you will ever find under a $500 budget.

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Note:  All the price rates mentioned in these products could differ on online platforms at different times. Please do confirm before making any decision of buying.

Final Words

These are some of the Best Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar Under $500 available in both online and offline mode. In this article, we have tried to include every possible thing that could help you in finding your desired instrument. But still, if you have something that can be a part of this article then must share it with us. Your feedback will be appreciated.

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