The 7 Best Guitars for Low Tuning and Drop Tuning

top rated guitars for drop tuning

If you want to consider a guitar for drop tuning then you should go with a guitar that comes with extended scale length and thicker strings. In a traditional guitar, you will feel no problem in drop tuning to D or C#.

However, when you want to go much lower than this, you might need better tuning stability on your guitar with a longer neck. In this post, we’re going to mention some of the best guitars for low tuning that you can get right now.

Image Product Features Price
Ibanez Standard RG421PFM Ibanez Standard RG421PFM

Comes with gig bag and tuner

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Schecter Omen Extreme-6 Electric Guitar Schecter Omen Extreme-6 Electric Guitar

Double cutaway design

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Fender Squier Baritone Jazzmaster Fender Squier Baritone Jazzmaster

Best for low tunes

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Fender FSR Mahogany Blacktop Stratocaster Fender FSR Mahogany Blacktop Stratocaster

Durable and sturdy

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Ibanez RGDIX6MPB Iron Label Guitar Ibanez RGDIX6MPB Iron Label Guitar

Comes with a great pickup

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Supro Westbury-Baritone Electric Guitar Supro Westbury-Baritone Electric Guitar

Has jumbo frets

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Gibson Les Paul Studio Baritone Guitar Gibson Les Paul Studio Baritone Guitar

Ebony fretboard

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The 7 Top-Rated Guitars for Low Tuning

Here’s the list of the most recommended guitars that you should buy if you are looking for a guitar that’s suitable for drop tuning.

1. Ibanez Standard RG421PFM Electric Guitar

ibanez guitar for low tuning

The Ibanez RG421PFM is a plain RG Guitar with a stable bridge. The neck pickup of this guitar is well known for its accuracy and outstanding harmonics. The body of this electric guitar is mainly composed of mahogany wood. It is flat on the top and molded on the rear side.

This is the perfect choice available for those who want to purchase a guitar at a cost-effective price. Rock guitarists have a vision of playing any Ibanez guitar as it is considered one of the best rock and metal guitars.

This Ibanez RG guitar is one of the finest and cheap electrical guitars with low-tuning. It also comprises some other equipment and accessories such as a gig bag, music rack, tuning device, and of course, a wonderful Ibanez electrical guitar.

This electrical guitar has a deep double-cutaway which makes it very simple to fit all 24 frets on the Rosewood Fretboard. We honestly appreciate that this guitar contains jumbo frets because they are simpler to play than the standard frets. You can even buy this guitar for tapping because of the bigger fret size.

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2. Schecter Omen Extreme-6 Electric Guitar

schecter guitar for drop tuning

Another famous company in the field of the guitar which is too close to heavy metal and low-tuners in this world is Schecter. This company dates from the mid-‘70s and has committed much of its subsequent years to the manufacture of musical instruments for Punk and Hard Rock guitar players.

The Double Cutaway and 24 frets are prominent for those high-pitched solos. Schecter-designed guitar pickups are proven to manage low frequencies in a better way. A convenient double-cutaway body provides you complete access to the sharp Maple Neck equipped with a 24-fret Rosewood Fretboard.

From its magnificent tone and breathtaking attractiveness to the incredible playing capability, the Schecter Omen Extreme-6 is perfect for metal and punk rock guitar players. A Three-way pickup plug permits you to toggle between using either of the pickups or a blend of both.

This guitar is composed of a rigid, double-cut body with Basswood back and padded Maple top. It is a prominent versatile guitar for all occasions; the Schecter Omen Extreme Electric Guitar is stuffed with everything a guitarist may require to take their tone to the extreme low.

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3. Fender Squier Vintage Modified Baritone Jazzmaster

The body of the Fender’s Baritone Jazzmaster is composed of solid Basswood, providing a delicate but solid feel. In addition to this, the black finishing and black Chromic hardware provide this guitar a look that is plain and stylish.

In such a way, the Fender’s Baritone Jazzmaster provides a convenient fret experience for most guitar players, despite its prolonged length. With a convenient “C-shaped” neck and a fretboard of 9.5’’ – radius, this musical instrument provides an extraordinary musical experience to all of its guitar players.

If you’re considering a variant that is versatile like your style of guitar-playing, then this electrical guitar is a perfect choice for you. Other specifications of this guitar comprise of a Basswood body, 30 inches (scale length) of the neck made up of maple with Rosewood Fretboarda firm top-loader bridge and even a matching painted headstock.

The distinctive top-loading and hard stop tail bridge also comprise string saddles that are changeable for pitch. This Fender’s Baritone Jazzmaster provides you mediocre or low-end musical power at a cost-effective price range.

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4. Fender FSR Mahogany Blacktop Stratocaster 

fender fsr mahogany

Another guitar from Fender that can be a nice companion for your low tuning adventures is this limited edition Fender FSR Mahogany Stratocaster. Despite everything, the Mahogany body can resonate better with those lower-pitches or frequencies.

The scale length of 25 inches is prominent for the durability of the guitar. You can go through Drop C or even Drop B on this electric guitar without much effort. The HHH variant of the Fender Stratocaster is crafted in an Olympic White finishing which is enhanced by gold hardware and a black-painted headstock.

The mahogany body is probably to give these Stratocaster a coarser, more medium-range rich tone. It also increases the total weight of this electrical guitar. This guitar is ready to be used for your musical creativity and it is sufficient to manage any style of music.

Therefore, it’s the ideal medium to generate your tone with a fresh guitar experience. This electric guitar has a smooth feel with a Satin Neck finishing on it, and the classic tremolo and fringed knobs give this Stratocaster a little bit of shine.

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5. Ibanez RGDIX6MPB Iron Label Guitar 

ibanez iron label guitar

This electric guitar is furnished with a fixed bridge. You can discover it in various pickup configurations that help the mahogany body reverberate correctly with those low-pitches. Through close cooperation between Ibanez and DiMarzio – Fusion Edge guitar pickups have been designed to generate a strong, remarkable tone with a fresh, high-end cutting, and a stiff, compressed bottom-end.

The Gibraltar Standard II is a plain fixed bridge that is formulated to integrate with the body of the electric guitar and supply maximum transfer of vibration from each string of the guitar.

The sleek surface for this guitar is designed to amplify the playing capability and comfort of the guitar. The Ash Wood finishing provides great comfort and appears very stylish. Whenever you hold the guitar and play it, you can easily feel the comfort level of this electrical guitar.

Extra-deep cutaways have been included to permit a simple and convenient approach to the neck’s higher frets. This guitar offers great clarity and excessively gentle response, the DiMarzio Fuson Edge humbucker pickup fulfills the inflated demands of present-time guitar players.
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6. Supro Westbury-Baritone Electric Guitar 

supro westbury guitar drop tuning

It is a Baritone Electric guitar with a quite shorter scale length of 26.75’’. The gold foil guitar pickups are well-proportioned with few great low-range notes, sharp high notes, and precise middle-range tones.

The Supro Westbury guitar has a satin-finished Maple neck with a Rosewood fingerboard along with an alternative of either Ashwood or Mahogany wood for the guitar’s body. The guitar’s set-in neck structure uses a convenient Heel Joint, a 12’’ radius of the fretboard, and Jumbo Fret string to supply first-class playing capability.

The translucent Blue Ash variants of the Westbury Baritone highlight a shiny finish on the guitar’s body, while the Natural Mahogany model of the guitar comprises a Satin-Finish on the guitar’s body.

Combining classic American tones with the sophisticated set-in neck design, the Supro Westbury Baritone is predetermined for an experienced guitarist who requires a user-friendly and multilateral guitar suitable for managing most of the music styles or genres.

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7. Gibson Les Paul Studio Baritone Guitar

gibson les paul guitarThe neck of this guitar is furnished with a thin taper contour at the rear side and is covered with a 22-fret fretboard composed of Rosewood material. The latest Gibson Les Paul Studio Baritone Electric Guitar has a 28-inch scale length, which is 3.25 inches longer than a normal Les Paul model.

The Ebony Fretboard and covered Chrome Hardware amplify an extraordinary range of finishing in the guitar’s body. As this guitar is furnished with a well-brushed Rosewood fretboard, you can easily move the guitar’s neck up and down, particularly with the latest Slim Taper neck profile.

The main reason for purchasing this guitar is the clean sound that it generates. Fortunately, the case supplied by Gibson appears to be durable, so it may be in the sweet spot between soft case mobility and tough case protection. It is generally accepted as one of those Gibson Les Paul variants where you can obtain the most of its value that also in a cost-effective price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What guitars are good for low tuning?

From our list of the best guitars for drop tuning, you can go for Ibanez Standard guitar and Fender Squier Jazzmaster without any second thoughts.

Is drop tuning bad for your guitar?

Tuning your guitar low will not cause any harm to your guitar. Although you should note that you should use thicker strings if you’re planning to tune your guitar low.

Does drop tuning affect intonation?

Intonation is defined by the physical positioning of nuts, saddle, and frets of your guitar. Drop tuning your guitar won’t affect the intonation at all as changing the tuning is associated with the tension in the strings.

What is drop C tuning?

Like the Standard guitar tuning of EADGBE, drop C tuning refers to the tuning in which at least one guitar string has been tuned down to a C. The most common drop C tuning is CGCFAD.

Buying an Electric Guitar for Low Tuning

We hope that this article helps you a lot in deciding which low tuning guitar is the perfect choice for you. There are multiple guitars in this list that are appropriate if you want to tune your guitar to drop C or drop D tuning. Many people are often confused about how to choose a guitar for them. We’ve prepared this list by considering lots of different factors like price, material, tone quality, etc.

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