Best Classical Guitar Case | Cheap and Inexpensive

Best Classical Guitar Case | Cheap and Inexpensive

If you recently purchased a classical guitar for yourself then the next thing you need is a good quality case to keep your precious guitar safe from the outside world. But before buying a classical guitar case you have to understand how many types of guitar cases are available in the market.

Types Of Guitar Cases

There are three types of cases – Hard, soft, and flight cases. You don’t need a flight case unless you are not traveling abroad with your guitar. Now that leaves us with 2 options hard and soft cases which are also known as gig bags.

The hard cases are more protective compared to soft cases however they are expensive too. Hard cases are often made of wood or other materials like ABS plastic, metal, or carbon fiber. If you are a show performer or play guitar professionally then I suggest going with the hard cases as they have an extra layer of protection to keep your guitar from any harm.

As for the Gig bags they made from various material and doesn’t provide much protection. Most of them come with foam padding under them to provide extra safety to your classical guitar. Most of the cheap guitar case makers use low-density foam for padding however low-density foam provides good looks but they do not keep the guitar safe.

So before buying any type of guitar case always check for good quality foam padding. Personally, I do not suggest Gig bags for professionals but if you are a learner or a student who wants to protect their guitar without investing too much then gig bags are the best option for you. We also talked about Best Archtop guitar cases and Telecaster guitar cases.

Below are some of the best cheap classical guitar cases for everyday protection.

List of Best Cheap Classical Guitar Cases

1. MONO M8 Acoustic OM or Classical Guitar Case

Mono M8 Acoustic OM is a quite interesting guitar case and often used by many influential and professional musicians. The case is a hybrid case that means it can carry any type of guitar including classical guitars.

This case is specially designed to protect your guitar from any type of impact bumpers or anything. It is made from high-quality military-grade materials with extreme resistance to abrasion and elements which protects the guitar from rain, dust, or extreme sunlight.

The inner material of the case is made from high-density foam which keeps the guitar safe from any type of impact. Thanks to its patented headlock design you will get high protection along with suspensions inside the case that protects your guitar from both sides no matter from which side you drop it on the floor or anywhere.

They also included an extra storage compartment to carry your gears. If you are looking for comfortable and good-looking guitar bags then MONO M8 Acoustic OM is the best option for you. It provides great looks with protection.

2. Gator Cases Deluxe ABS Molded Case

Gator ABS molded case comes under the hard case category. It is pretty cheap and yet a solid one however it is specially made for classical guitar means you can not carry any acoustic model in it.

The outer body includes a selection of hard shell carrying cases built with durable plastic that protect your guitar from any type of weather and condition. Gator Cases interior is also made from very durable plush EPS foam which prevents scratches or damage. The heavy-duty aluminum valences and a comfortable carry handle through-bolted for extra strength and each side container a locking latch to lock the case.

Gator ABS Deluxe classical guitar is way more durable in this price range compared to other guitar cases. The looks and the durability are way more studier and nicer than what you hoped for.

It is one of the most selling guitar cases of Gator deluxe. This case lasts for many years due to its outer material quality and the indie pocket has enough space to store required accessories as well.

3. Hola Acoustic and Classical Guitars Gig Bag Full Size (41 inches)

Hola classical guitar case is designed for full-size standard guitar. It comes in the soft case or gig bag category this guitar bag is pretty cheap comes under 40$ budget. The all-over design of this bag is very impressive and provides a premium feel.

The outside of the gig bag is made of heavy-duty 600D Oxford Nylon fabric which keeps the guitar protected from water, sun, or heavy dust. The inner parts of this bag have a soft lining and a layer of enhanced padding of 15mm that safeguards the surface of your guitar from all types of damages.

It also has 2 Anti-Scratch Patches that protect the inner parts of the bag protected from the string and increase guitar life. With this case, you will get a unique anti-scratch patch that is located near the bridge area and another one is in the headstock area.

Hola included a strap in the neck area to keep your guitar safe they also provided a Neck support pillow that distributes your guitar’s weight evenly and protects the neck of the guitar from strain and shock. It comes with two large pockets to carry extra accessories with you.

The dual adjustable shoulder straps are pretty decent and comfortable they evenly distribute weight to both of your shoulders Hola cleverly designed little wings at the bottom of the bag where the straps are connected for maximum comfort and security.

4. Cordoba Full-Size Deluxe Gig Bag

Cordoba Deluxe bag is one of the most selling gig bags for guitar It is a hybrid case which means you can carry acoustic or classical guitar in this bag. The bag is made from nylon denier which makes it water-resistant even in heavy water.

The bag is designed to fit any full-size classical guitar easily. It is well padded and comes with a cushioned wedge which is positioned behind the guitar’s neck to provide full protection to the guitar. They also attached a velcro strap to secure the neck more perfectly.

Cordoba looks great from the outside as well as inside it has a perfect finish and provides a premium feel. The inner exterior consists thick layer of protection and extra reinforced padding over the bridge and headstock area.

The back Strap of this case is designed perfectly. You can adjust them according to your shoulders and provide full comfort while walking with the guitar. They also include a pocket behind the guitar case to carry your accessories with you. However, the pocket is a little hit thin so you can carry the bigger items in it. Allover as the prospective guitar owner this the best classical guitar case that you’ll find in this price segment.

5. Faswin 41 Inch Guitar Gig Bag

Faswin Guitar gig bag is the cheapest guitar bag compared to other guitar bags mentioned in this post. It comes under 20$ which is pretty cheap for guitar bags. However, the quality of this bag is pretty good and it has a premium vibe to it.

The exterior of this bag is made from high-quality PVC Cordura material which is water-resistant and protects your guitar from water, dust, and direct sunlight. As for the interior, it is made from fine scratch-proof Cordura with high-density padding around all sides to keep the guitar safe from impact.

It has Dual Adjustable shoulder straps which are specially designed for transportation. The Triple gusset storage pockets have enough space to easily store picks, extra string, and capo. The back of the case has extra padding that prevents the guitar from digging into your skin when your hold the guitar on your back.

Allover the Faswin guitar bags has a lot of feature in this price range. However, if you are a professional or travel long with your guitar then this bag is not for you. It is cheap looks good but it not for professional use. The bag is designed for college students of learners for daily use. You have to be careful with this bag because it does not have enough padding to keep the guitar safe from bigger impacts.


So this is the post about the best Cheap Classical Guitar bags we mentioned some of the best guitar bags from every category. If you have any questions about the guitar case then let us know in the comment section we would happy to help you. Apart from this have a look at Dreadnought guitar cases.

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