The 5 Best Acoustic Guitar Capos for All Budgets

top acoustic guitar capos

A capo is the first guitar accessory that you should buy for your guitar. They are used to increase the pitch of your notes by shortening the length of the strings on the fretboard.

Capos are inexpensive and quite useful when it comes to playing the guitar. But, the problem arises when you have to find the best capo for your acoustic guitar. There are so many choices out there and picking a single product becomes a nerve-racking job.

Therefore, to make it easier for you, we have cherry-picked the top 5 capos that you can buy for your acoustic guitar, without having any second thoughts.

Image Product Features Price
G7th Performance 3 G7th Performance 3

A perfect capo for everyone

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Planet Waves NS Capo Planet Waves NS Capo

Best screw capo for low budget

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Shubb C1 Capo Shubb C1 Capo

A lightweight and low-profile capo

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Dunlop Trigger Capo Dunlop Trigger Capo

Affordable trigger capo

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Kyser Quick-Change Capo Kyser Quick-Change Capo

Easy-to-use guitar capo

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5 Good Capos for Your Acoustic Guitar

Finding a good capo is hard for sure. But our list of the top guitar capos has all the viable choices that you can go for.

The process of choosing a good capo has a lot of aspects associated with it. You will have to find the ideal type of capo that you’ll be comfortable with, a capo that will be compatible with the shape of your fretboard, and a product that is well within your budget range, of course.

1. G7th Performance 3

g7th capo

The most expensive and probably the best choice for an acoustic guitar capo is the G7th Performance 3 capo. G7th literally took it to the next level by taking their well-appreciated Performance series capo and making it smaller.

You won’t even need two hands to place this capo on your guitar neck. It has an amazing single-handed clamping mechanism that allows the capo to automatically lock itself on the fretboard. To remove it, releasing a small laver will do the work.

The G7th Performance 3 is adjustable, which means you can adjust the tension it applies to your strings. Also, there’s no room for string buzzing if you use the G7th capo. As already mentioned, if you have a really good budget and want a capo that will stick with you for a long time, go for this one.

2. D’Addario/Planet Waves NS Capo

daddario capo for guitars

The Planet Waves NS Capo was brought into the market by the renowned brand- D’Addario. They collaborated with the famous music product designer Ned Steinberger, who made probably one of the best capos for acoustic guitar.

This capo is extremely lightweight and low-profile. It stays out of the way while you play and the best part- it is adjustable and easy to use. You can adjust the tension on the strings using a micrometer screw. Also, when you don’t want to use it, just slide it over the nut and you’re good to go.

This capo has almost no disadvantages and is a great choice for anyone who wants a top-class capo for their guitar.

3. Shubb C1 Steel String Capo

shubb capo

What’s the good thing about the brand Shubb? They are completely focused on manufacturing capos. No guitars, no accessories, nothing else – just capos. And with the level of commitment they have with capos, you can expect some high-quality work from them.

This capo has the speed of a trigger capo and the precision of a screw one. And as obvious, their design is heavily inspired by trigger and screw capos.

Just place this capo on your guitar neck, and rotate the screw to adjust the tension on the strings. The Shubb C1 Steel String Capo is very low-profile and lightweight, which means you won’t even notice it on your guitar while playing.

4. Dunlop Trigger Capo

dunlop trigger capo for acoustic

The Dunlop Capo is hands-down the best trigger capo that you can get. If you want an inexpensive capo that lasts longer, get this one. To use this capo, all you have to do is press the arms of the capo, place it on the guitar neck, and then release it.

The build quality of this product is amazing and it is easy to use for sure. The major downside to this capo is that you can’t adjust the tension on your strings.

5. Kyser Quick-Change Capo

kyser capo accessory

On our list of the best guitar capos, another trigger capo is the Kyser Quick-change. The reason why it is last on the list is that it is a trigger capo. And trigger capos can’t be adjusted (just like the Dunlop Trigger capo).

Talking about the Kyser Quick-change capo, it is perfect for beginners who are just starting with a guitar and want something low in the price range. It is as easy to use capo that will easily fit on your guitar neck. You can clip it on the guitar head when you are not using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What constitutes a good capo?

First of all, a good capo does not damage your guitar. Find an adjustable capo, preferably a non-metal body, so that it doesn’t scratch your fretboard. Also, make sure that you buy a capo that is compatible with your guitar neck type (curved or flat).

Where can I buy a capo for my guitar?

You can buy a capo for your guitar from a local music shop. If there’s none nearby, you can order products from online eCommerce stores such as Amazon™.

What is the best guitar capo?

According to this list of good guitar capo, the best one that I would choose is the G7th Performance 3. Although it is quite expensive, this capo will surely fit all your needs.

Buying a Good Capo for Your Guitar

So that was our take on the best capos for an Acoustic Guitar. We mentioned 5 good capos that you can go for if you are confused by looking at the giant list of products on the internet.

If you have a high budget and want the best capo, just buy the G7th Performance 3 capo, without hesitation. The Planet Waves NS is another capo that will last you for a long time.

For beginners who are just starting with a guitar, you can buy the G7th or Planet Waves capo. But, if you have a low budget, then go for a trigger capo like Dunlop Trigger capo and Kyser Quick-change capo.

The Shubb C1 Steel String Capo is another good choice and can be purchased by anyone. It is an easy-to-use capo, and unlike trigger capos, you can adjust the tension it applies to your strings.

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